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Starbucks Card is available for Passbook in the UK!

We’re thrilled to announce support for Passbook in Canada and the UK with our most recent Starbucks app update for customers running iOS 6 on their iPhone or iPod Touch. As a My Starbucks Rewards member  you’re likely already familiar with mobile payment, tracking your My Starbucks Rewards account and the additional features our app provides, and now, as you’ve been asking, you can now use our app to add your Starbucks Card to Passbook on your iPhone.

If you’re looking to get connected, Passbook is preinstalled within Apple's iOS 6 operating system and make sure you have our most recent update, v2.5, then simply open your Starbucks app on your iOS 6 enabled device and tap “Add Card to Passbook” found within the "manage" menu on the main screen of the “Cards” tab. 

Thanks for sharing your feedback and enthusiasm to enable Passbook in Canada and the UK.

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    • mahrenholz
    • 17/10/2012 09:31

    I've added my card to passbook and I've created my list of favourite stores but when I visit one nothing happens? What am I doing wrong?

    • scottysorrellmcleod
    • 08/11/2012 12:08

    going to do a Windows Phone 8 app, I hope so

    • kolvin1
    • 12/11/2012 13:35

    What about a blackberry app while you're at it!

    • Malcymoo
    • 13/11/2012 15:53

    Until you pay your taxes (including all the backdated stuff), I will not darken my milk with your coffee...

      • 55imon
      • 03/12/2012 08:01

      In reply to: Malcymoo

      A Starbucks is coming to Oswestry soon. I've been asking Kris Engskove to match fund the construction of a traffic free route from Oswestry to a small village 3 miles away. HE HAS CONSISTANTLY IGNORED ME!

    • helenbanks
    • 25/11/2012 23:18

    Android app isvstipl not working

    • stopgoing2SB
    • 03/12/2012 06:14

    Why don't Starbucks pay Tax?

    • ptmiddleton
    • 03/12/2012 23:37

    App has disappeared from ios App Store! Why?

    • ronniethomson@sky.com
    • 14/05/2013 15:39

    Could you please tell people on your mobile apps page that you don't do Windows 8 mobile app. It would save looking for something that cannot be found.

    • shaunekimberley@googlemail.com
    • 12/01/2014 03:39

    No app for windows phone, i have managed to get an app from Nokia store, but its in $ not £ is there a UK Starbucks app out there for Windows phone.