Starbucks Ethical Sourcing

At Starbucks, We Believe in Sourcing the Best Coffee Possible in an Ethical Manner

And it's our goal for all Starbucks coffee to be grown under the highest standards of quality, using ethical sourcing trading and responsible growing practices. We believe that the care we take in our coffee doesn’t just mean that you get a better cup of coffee, it also helps create a better future for farmers and a more stable climate for the planet.

  1. Sourcing Coffee
    Starbucks Ethical coffee sourcing

    With the help of Conservation International, we’ve developed ethical sourcing guidelines at Starbucks that help us purchase coffee that is responsibly grown and ethically traded.

    Learn More About Responsibly Grown Coffee

  2. Farmer Support

    We’re working directly with farmers to develop responsible growing methods and investing in their communities to ensure a sustainable supply of quality coffee.

    Learn More About Supporting Farmers

  3. Tea

    We support projects that help improve the livelihoods for producers of our distinctive Tazo® teas.

    Learn More About Ethically Sourced Tea

  4. Cocoa

    Our approach to cocoa buying is designed to ensure a long-term supply of high-quality, ethically sourced cocoa.

    Learn More About Ethically Sourced Cocoa

  5. Store Products

    When we purchase products for our stores, we evaluate our suppliers for their commitment to social responsibility too.

    Learn More About Ethical Suppliers & Products

Introducing the Fairtrade Access Fund

It’s hard to pass a Starbucks without grabbing a cup of delicious Fairtrade coffee.  Not only is the coffee great quality but the Fairtrade certification guarantees small-holder farmers a fair price and investment in environmental and economic developmental projects that benefit the whole community.  Today, I am so happy to be sharing an exciting new  development. Fairtrade International, together with Grameen Foundation and Incofin, are launching a new Fund for smallholders. And guess who was the first company to put up their hand, and put in their money? Yes – Starbucks. 

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Proud to Support Fairtrade

Hi everyone.  Monday 28th of February is the start of Fairtrade Fortnight and I thought I’d take the opportunity to tell you why I’d like you to support it!

Did you know that through Fairtrade, small-holder farmers, and their families can get better incomes for their hard work. This allows them to hold on to their land, keep their kids in school, and invest in the quality of their harvest so they can continue to grow high-quality coffee. This is because Fairtrade pays a guaranteed price for their coffee as well as a social premium that can be used for local projects.

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History in the Making

I’ve recently returned from a trip to China where Starbucks signed two historic Memoranda of Understanding to invest in growing high-quality coffee in Yunnan province. We’ll be collaborating with the People’s Government of Pu’er City (Yunnan Province) and the Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences. These agreements signal cooperation between Starbucks and China to revolutionize the Chinese coffee market and help local farmers there grow new, high-quality coffees that are sure to be prized throughout the world.

Although we will continue to buy coffees from many countries, this opportunity allows us to help build China’s specialty coffee market from scratch. We’ll open another Farmer Support Center, manage a base farm to grow coffee for production and create a demo farm that offers training on soil quality, tree planting and pruning, and education about C.A.F.E. Practices. We will also operate wet and dry mills. Between the agronomists and partners with years of leadership in the coffee industry, we have the experience necessary to be very successful. I am excited about the immense opportunity this partnership represents.

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