Breakfast at Starbucks

They say that you should feast like a king at breakfast - and I couldn’t agree more. My new year’s resolution is to ensure I start each day by savouring this most important meal of the day.

I’m pleased that we have so many tasty choices as it makes sticking to my resolution even easier. From our creamy natural yoghurt or buttermilk pancakes served with a choice of topping (very berry compote or maple honey sauce, anyone?) to one of our Bacon or Sausage Butties, warmed and served with either red or brown sauce. (Always red for me, please). There’s something for every day and every mood.

Our skinny ginger muffin is back by popular demand just for this winter and is a perfect morning pairing with a skinny vanilla spice latte. A little spice to get you through to lunchtime. And I wanted to share my all time favourite way to celebrate that morning has broken: our luxury fruit bread: two slices, full of dried cranberries and raisins and served toasted with butter.  When it’s served up with a steaming hot mug of skinny latte then it’s guaranteed to put a smile on my smile.

Have a good start to each day!

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    • Makelove77
    • 22/04/2013 01:35

    It would be vey nice to be given a £20.00 $40.00 Dollar gift card to futher enjoy the sights sounds smell of summer @Starbucks during Spring Summer Autumn Winter and interaction with people why it was la love summers day on Saturday April 20 2013 I had bacon buttie and fruit bread with New Standard Coffee it was a standard very very high standard Manager on duty smile was radiant as thge shining sun she brouth my order to my table also can smiles be brighter than the sun hers was. Rachl knows.

    • Makelove77
    • 24/04/2013 05:25

    Wednedsy 24 April 2013

    Breakfast@Starbucks's 06.30hrs

    I was welcomed by a lovely smile from Manager on Duty Rachel it was ooozing friendly countenance exuding excitement of the days proceeding rapid-fire trade figures was brisk my order of Fruit bread and waffles was outstandstang the Coffe ewas piping hot exuding warmth the music in the background was very good Latin American sound complimented the Coffee the filter coffee tasted Warmth wearm Hot tantilizing Sensous in the mouth.

    • Makelove77
    • 24/04/2013 05:31

    23 April was not Brweakfast at Tiffany@s but breakfast at Starbuck@s of a high calibre Rachel wass good very good fruitbread wafffes Filter coffee reall captured the bright start to the day asnd the rapid exhilerating high sales figures of the dayand the latin American sound s captured the warth exuded from the cup of coffee the was epititme of a high calibere. Simple tastes breakfast moment exhilerating high sales figures.