Backing Youth

Half of our workforce is under 25 years old, so we know how much this generation has to offer and we believe in backing youth.


This is a challenging time to be a young adult seeking opportunities. We support people to get the skills and experience they need to thrive and to get ready for work in the following ways:

Starbucks Youth Action

Our flagship youth programme run in partnership with UK Youth and the National Citizenship Scheme. Starbucks Youth Action supports young people looking to make a positive difference in their community, providing funding and training to help get social action projects off the ground.

Now in its 4th year, we’re proud to be working on amazing projects with 10,000 young people in Britain in 2014.

You can find out more about Starbucks Youth Action here.

Headstart with Starbucks

This programme run in partnership with The Challenge, The Mayor of London and AGL Education inspires young people to strengthen their communities through volunteering while at the same time giving them the skills and experience to succeed at work through: skills development workshops, communications training and interview preparation.

As a result, participants are more employable, volunteering becomes a natural part of life and communities are stronger.

Starbucks Apprenticeship Scheme

Launched in 2012, we’re on track to hire 1,000 apprentices by December 2014. You can find out more about our Apprenticeship Scheme here.