Youth Action Case Studies

  1. Bed Knobs and Celery Sticks - Leeds

    The Bed Knobs and Celery Stick programme was awarded funds from Starbucks Youth Action to help create a garden, recycling materials into an outdoor bedroom to support plants.

  2. City Year Project - London

    City Year was awarded a grant to build an outdoor reading hut for school children at Sebright Primary School in Hackney, east London, with support from Starbucks Youth Action.

  3. The Cutting Room - Manchester

    As part of the Starbucks Youth Action project in Manchester, The Cutting Room won funds so that members of the Middleton Popstars Academy can make their own quality costumes for performers in their music and dance shows.

  4. The Eye Youth Club - Bristol

    "The Eye Youth Club" was organised in Bristol to provide young people with a weekly evening of fun activities at a local youth club.

  5. Positive Frames - Leeds

    The Positive Frames project gives young people training using digital photography techniques to capture images of their local area.

  6. Dream and Achieve - London

    The ‘Dream and Achieve’ project organises 7-a-side football during the summer for young people in Wembley, which was made possible by Starbucks Youth Action funding.

  7. London Walks Photography Exhibition

    The Lancaster Youth Centre won funds from the Starbucks Youth Action programme in Kensington and Chelsea for a photography project, titled ‘London Walks’.

  8. Trading Places Guerilla Knitting Event

    A ‘guerilla knitting’ event was organised in Dublin by local youth group, Trading Places. This project was funded by the Starbucks Youth Action programme, in partnership with the Irish Youth Foundation.

  9. Fairwater and Pentrebane Community Angling Club Event

    As part of the Starbucks Youth Action programme in Cardiff, the Fairwater and Pentrebane Community Angling Club won funds for their club to take disadvantaged youths on angling trips and coach them how to fish.

  10. Wilderness Ways Project

    Over two days in October, the Skelton Grange Centre employees, local partners, and youth volunteers worked on building access ramps and handrails around the Centre’s pond site, to improve access to the area and encourage more visitors.