Health and Wellness

At Starbucks we are committed to helping our customers to make informed nutritional choices.

Our baristas can make you any drink you want from over 80,000 different drinks combinations available!

Change the size, change the ingredients – it’s up to you.

To help make the best choice for you, you’ll see calories listed on our in store menu boards. You can also find full nutritional information on our website as well as on our mobile apps.

We take feedback from our customers and store partners seriously. As a result we are evolving our products to offer lighter beverages, quality ingredients, more moderate portion sizes and lower calorie content.

We’ve already reduced added salt and we will reduce added sugar by 25% by the end of 2020. For further information, see here.

We have updated our customer information so you can see where beverages include added sugar, as well as the sugars that occur naturally in milk and fruit. For example, milk contains just under 5% natural sugar (lactose), so in your tall latte there is 13g (about 3 teaspoons) of natural sugar originating from the milk. Added sugar is the sugar that is added to processed foods and drinks while they are being made.

You can also ask your barista if you’d like any advice. They’ll be delighted to help.

Lighter Options

If you want to create a drink with fewer calories or lower added sugar content these are some of the choices you can make:
  • Request skimmed milk or soy, or our recently introduced Coconut Milk a naturally sweet and lactose- free alternative, suitable for vegans
  • Choose the ‘light’ option for at least 33 per cent fewer calories
  • Ask for fewer or no pumps of classic syrup which maintains the great flavour with fewer calories
  • Take your choice of three sugar-free syrups: vanilla, hazelnut or caramel for great flavour without added calories or sugar
  • Select Truvia, a sugar-free natural sweetener, offered at our condiment bar
  • Ask for less whipped cream or none at all to save anywhere from 80-100 calories depending on size and type of drink

CQUIN Standards

Starbucks fully supports NHS England’s targets around health and wellbeing. We commit to meeting CQUIN standards by March 2017 to remove sugary drinks and foods high in fat, salt and sugar from our points of sale, advertising imagery, seasonal and limited time price promotions, as well as discounts and offers in healthcare locations in England