How do you like your coffee?

Subtle & Mellow
Smooth & Balanced
Bold & Robust
How do you like your coffee?

Some like a milder coffee. Some prefer bold. The Starbucks Roast Spectrum sorts our coffees by three roast profiles.

Use the bar above to browse coffees with the flavour and intensity that’s perfect for you. Because, after all, every palate is different.

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Coffee Tastings at Starbucks

I'll always remember my first coffee tasting. As a partner (employee) at Starbucks I think it's something that stays with you. I tasted our Breakfast Blend with a slice of Lemon Drizzle Loaf. To this day any time I'm introducing someone to the method of tasting coffee I'm always taken back to that afternoon, how I felt (nervous and excited – it was my first day!) and more importantly, what I tasted!

Coffee tastings are our way to share with you the different coffees we offer. Everyone is different and holding a tasting is always an interesting experience – someone may pick up on some herbal flavours you hadn't noticed – or a great food pairing can really change the way you taste and enjoy a particular coffee.

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