1. Coffee Master Programme

      Meet our Coffee Masters (you’ll know them by their black aprons). Learn what it takes to become one. And discover your perfect Starbucks drink.

    2. Entertainment

      We love coffee and everything that goes with it. Good books. Great music. And what’s more, we love sharing our favourites with you.

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    3. Wireless Internet

      While our coffee brings people together, our free Wi-Fi service means you can stay connected. Learn how to surf while you sip at Starbucks

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    4. Community

      Community means we’re better together. In our stores and the world at large. Chat, connect and get involved.

    5. Mobile Apps

      Turns out your phone can help you do all sorts of important things – like find your nearest Starbucks or your favourite drink.

    6. Store Designs

      What makes each Starbucks coffeehouse around the world such a vibrant and inviting place? A philosophy of community and environmental responsibility.

    Race you to the app store!

    Starbucks Card is available for Passbook in the UK!

    We’re thrilled to announce support for Passbook in Canada and the UK with our most recent Starbucks app update for customers running iOS 6 on their iPhone or iPod Touch. As a My Starbucks Rewards member  you’re likely already familiar with mobile payment, tracking your My Starbucks Rewards account and the additional features our app provides, and now, as you’ve been asking, you can now use our app to add your Starbucks Card to Passbook on your iPhone.

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    Starbucks Barista Apprenticeship

    We are seeking enthusiastic people with lots of initiative, who are looking to gain a variety of skills and start a retail management career. Being an Starbucks apprentice means doing a real job, getting paid while learning and gaining qualifications in Barista Mastery and Customer Service.

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    Hang On to Your Treat Receipt

    Use your treat receipt for an afternoon pick me up.

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