Meatball Panini

Beef and pork meatballs covered in a tomato and basil sauce and melted mozzarella cheese inside our ciabatta Panini bread.

meatball panini

Cuts of beef and pork are ground and mixed here with a carefully balanced blend of chilli, tomato, oregano and smoked paprika to make our delicious meatballs. The meatballs are roasted and covered with our thick tomato sauced made from slow roasted tomatoes which have been grown outdoors in the  sunshine before they are harvested. After being picked they are oven-roasted for 12 hours to produce a wonderfully sweet and concentrated flavour, before adding garlic, basil and oregano to make the finished sauce. We then fill a stone baked, extra virgin olive oil ciabatta with this and add mozzarella. Your barista then toasts this until the cheese is melting.....all you have to do is enjoy.

The oil used in the ciabatta is Levante extra virgin olive oils, which not only have a fruity scent and a fragrant long lasting taste but also a very low acidity and high oxidation resistance, perfect in low cholesterol diets. Since 1902 the oil mills of Tenuta del Levante have been producing extra virgin olive oil of excellent quality. More than one century ago the Cassetta family started in Andria (Puglia, where the superb structure of Castel del Monte rises) the milling activity of olives, getting an excellent oil that soon caught the attention of the consumers, thanks to its balanced taste.

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