Eating well is as important as living well. So everything we offer is made from great, fresh-tasting ingredients.

Part of living well means finding the right balance for you. So whether you’re counting calories, watching your fat and sugar intake, or looking for more fibre or protein, we can help you make the choices that work.

Here you’ll find the nutritional facts behind the food and beverages you love. So now you’ll know what you’re getting with all that fine flavour.

Beverage Nutritional Information

This guide contains nutritional information on many of our classic beverages you enjoy at Starbucks. 

Beverage Nutritional.pdf

This guide contains many of the allergen information for many of the beverages available in our stores in the UK.

Beverage Allergen.pdf

Starbucks serves a range of delicious beverages, and this information will help you to be sure your choices are part of the lifestyle you want to live.

Let us know how we can help further. If you have questions or comments about this guide, please contact our Customer Care team. Either call us on 020 8834 5050 or send an email to

Food Nutritional Information

This guide contains nutritional information for many of the fresh food products available in our stores in the UK and Ireland.

Food Nutritional.pdf

Our 5 Favourite Pairings under 500 Calories

Hands up if being healthier is one of your New Year’s resolutions too? Well I have some great news - choosing healthier choices doesn’t mean missing out. Here are some of my favourite coffee and food pairings which all come in under 500 calories. Enjoy!

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Being Clear on Calories

So... Christmas is over and New Year’s resolutions are maybe already starting to seem a bit harder to keep up!  One New Year resolution that always features on my list is the need to try and eat healthier, but equally I know I can’t go without a treat to get me through the day.  So, I wanted to let you know about some new developments which may help to make food and drink choices in our stores a little bit easier - and possibly help you to achieve some of your New Year’s resolutions too!

From the 5th of January, we will be displaying calories on our menu boards in stores across the UK and Ireland.  We will also be displaying calories and the amount of saturated fat in all our baked goods. We’re doing this because our customers have been telling us that it’s the right thing to do, and we want to be completely transparent when it comes to giving them nutritional information.

Starbucks customers have always had a wide range of food and drink options to choose from, plus easily accessible nutritional information on our website and iPhone™ App.  Therefore, displaying calories on menu boards and food labels is a natural next step in providing our customers with another resource to help them make the choice that best suits them.  It’s also part of our commitments to the Department of Health’s Responsibility Deal, which many food retailers have voluntarily signed up to, aimed at improving the nation’s health and wellbeing.

In addition to being clear on calories, we’ve also been making it even easier for our customers to enjoy lower calorie options by “making it skinny” by choosing lower calorie milk options and sugar-free syrups.  Opting for a tall skinny Latte versus a standard tall Latte means 102 calories versus 148 calories!  

We have also reformulated some of our muffins so you can still have your favourite treat with even less calories.  For example, all of our skinny muffins contain less than 400 calories and have less than 5% fat or 1g of saturated fat per muffin.  Our Bistro Box lunch range contains less than 500 calories and they’re one of your five-a-day, plus our bite-size Petite cakes all have less than 250 calories.

I hope by displaying calories, plus offering plenty of lower calorie options, that you will also be able to make the choice that best suits your lifestyle every time you visit our stores.

Happy New Year!

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