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Peach and Raspberry Overnight Oats and Five Cheese Toastie

Starbucks Nutrition and Allergen Information

It’s not just about caffeine. All Starbucks products are made from great, fresh-tasting ingredients.

Want to know which allergens are in our food and beverages or how much caffeine is in your cappuccino? Find out how to view the allergen and nutrition information for all the Starbucks food and beverages you love, including your favourite customised drinks.


The below icons will sit next to your products in the Menu, and will change when customised to highlight an allergen that is present in the ingredients.

  • celery


  • mustard


  • cereals

    Cereals containing gluten (Wheat, Rye, Barley, Oat, Spelt and Kamut)

  • nuts

    Nuts (Almond, Hazelnut, Walnut, Brazil nut, Cashew, Pecan, Pistachio and Macadamia nut)

  • crustaceans


  • peanuts


  • eggs


  • sesame


  • fish


  • soya


  • lupin


  •  Sulphur dioxide and sulphites

    Sulphur dioxide and sulphites

  • milk


  • molluscs


Due to the nature of how we create our beverages and food, we cannot guarantee that they are free from allergens.


Our beverages and food are prepared where allergens are handled by our partners, and where equipment and utensils are used for multiple menu items, including those containing allergens. Whilst we try to keep things separate we cannot guarantee any item is allergen free.



Please remember to check this information regularly as we’re always working on our recipes. 

Nutrition Details Example

This is an example of how the nutrition information will be displayed for beverage and food items. The nutrition information will change depending on the beverage size and any customisations.

Energy 1115 kJ / 266 kcal*
Fat 14.1g
Saturated fat 9.5g
Carbohydrates 21.7g
Sugar 20.1g
Fibre 0g
Protein 13.3g
Salt 0.39g
Caffeine 113mg**

* Adults need around 2000 kcal a day

** Caffeine content is an approximate value

Simply search for your products in the Menu, customise your drink just the way you like it, and the nutritional and allergen information will update automatically.

Click here to find your favourite Starbucks products.

You can also find out more in our Core Beverage, Core Food and Limited Time Offer Nutritional and Allergen Information PDFs.

Core Beverage Nutritional and Allergen Information

Core Food Nutritional and Allergen Information

Limited Time Offer Beverage and Food Nutritional and Allergen Information

Let us know how we can help further. If you have questions or comments about this guide, please contact our Customer Care team.