We are transforming the way we process our waste and are exploring ways to further separate our waste streams to reduce the amount going to landfill.

We have made substantial progress to reduce the impact of waste generated in our stores through improved packaging design guidelines, offering reusable cups and expanding our customer-facing and behind-the-counter recycling practices.

We currently separate our in-store waste into

  • Organic (food waste)
  • Dry mixed recyclables (cardboard and plastic)
  • General waste (most other waste)

We have partnered with a national waste provider who collects and recycles the food and recyclable waste on our behalf.

In addition to this, we have introduced a reverse logistics programme to transport our milk bottles and cream canisters back to our distribution centers, where they are then collected for recycling.

We work with closely with our landlords in stores where we are not responsible for the waste management to ensure they have good practices in place.

We are working closely with our store partners (employees) to ensure they are aware of the recycling facilities available to them and will be exploring more local ways of reducing / recycling waste such as the use of coffee grounds for composting.