Do I need to find my own site(s)?
Yes, however it is important that communication is consistent within the market place. Our real estate managers are therefore available for guidance and support. They have established relationships within the property market throughout the UK and are regularly meeting landlords, agents and developers so will be a good source of sites. We are also promoting our requirements for new stores and have even set up a dedicated web address for site owners and agents so we hope to be referring on additional sites for your review.

How much capital will I need?
You will need to demonstrate £500k of liquid assets

What experience do I need?
Besides a great passion for the brand, you’ll need to have food and beverage experience and currently own/run a multi-site business

What kind of support will I receive?
Starbucks comprehensive franchise programme provides you with support from site selection approvals to store opening assistance, initial training and ongoing consultation, employee training programs, new products and more.

Will I be able to sell my franchise?
We are looking to build long term relationships with franchisees to partner with us to grow our brand here in the UK. There is an option to sell but we would have to approve the franchisee, the transfer and would also have first refusal to buy your franchise.

Will I have to work full time in the business?
Although we do not require you to work full time in the business we would expect that you are very hands on until your business is established.

Ideally you will still have a strong managerial role within the business at all times, but your store managers will manage the day to day running of your business to the highest standards on each and every visit.

How much money will I make?
This will depend on a multitude of factors and decisions you make about your business, but with the right investment, commitment and passion for service it shouldn’t be long before you start to see the rewards.

Does Starbucks offer any financial assistance?
No, however we will enable you to understand how to operate a store to assist you with preparing your business plan.