Starbucks Origin Espresso

    The choice of espresso in your beverage.

    With Starbucks Origin Espresso we continue to share with you coffees from around the world that you can enjoy as part of your daily routine throughout the year.

    Each of the world’s three main growing regions imparts distinctive characteristics on a coffee’s taste. Starbucks Origin Espresso gives you the opportunity to choose from our classic Espresso Roast; or try an espresso from one of these regions in your handcrafted beverage. Each offering exemplifies the unique flavour qualities of these regions:

    • Latin American coffees such as Guatemala-Antigua tend to be clean, familiar and friendly, with flavors reminiscent of nuts or cocoa.
    • African/Arabian coffees such as Kenya are extraordinary and enticing, with floral aromas and flavors of berries and citrus.
    • Coffees from Asia/Pacific such as Sumatra tend to be bold and assertive, full-bodied with earthy and herbal flavors.
    1. Peru

      From the land of ancient legends this single origin coffee boasts a herbal complexity and round body with hints of almond.

    2. Sustainably Sourced
      Sustainably Sourced

      For more than 10 years we’ve worked closely with Conservation International to ensure that the growing and buying process is always ethical and respectful to the local community, land and wildlife.

    3. A Taste Adventure
      A Taste Adventure

      Each of our three main growing regions imparts distinctive characteristics on a coffee’s taste. Our new Origin Espresso roasts exemplify the unique flavour qualities of these regions.

    4. Guatemala Antigua
      Guatemala Antigua

      Our first Origin Espresso was Guatemala Antigua. Grown in mineral-rich volcanic soil and wet processed. The result is an elegant medium-roast coffee with a subtle cocoa powder texture and notes of soft spices.

    5. Colombia Nariño

      Grown in the high altitudes of Colombia Nariño region, this single origin coffee is lively and mild with herbal notes and a walnut like finish.

    6. Starbucks® Ethiopia

      This single origin coffee from Ethiopia, the historic birthplace of coffee, is soft and velvety with notes of dark chocolate, and added complexity through spice and citrus notes.

    7. Kenya
      Kenya Origin Espresso

      This Origin Espresso has all the qualities of a true Kenyan coffee – full-bodied medium blend that’s juicy and bright. Perfect for a summers day or as an iced Espresso.

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