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Starbucks for the Record

What Starbucks believes and stands for

Starbucks is a global company with stores in over 80 markets worldwide, committed to providing a place where everyone feels welcome and a sense of belonging, anywhere in the world. Due to ongoing false and misleading information being shared about Starbucks, we’re again providing the facts on what Starbucks believes and stands for.

Starbucks has never contributed to any government or military operation in any way. In response to the need for humanitarian aid, The Starbucks Foundation along with our licensed business partners, have supported our long-standing partner, World Central Kitchen, to provide more than 1M meals to families in need in Gaza. To learn more, visit: Starbucks for the Record.

For more than 25 years in the UK, Starbucks has built a strong relationship and connection with its partners (employees) and customers. Our stores have always been and will always be a place where everyone is welcome. We promote inclusion, diversity, and respect as part of our core values. In our stores, our partners and customers reflect those values. We take pride in the fact that our 16,000 green apron Starbucks partners in the UK represent 106 different nationalities. We demonstrate our commitment by actively supporting the investments we've made in their development and success. This commitment extends to collaborating with local and national third-sector organizations and charities in the UK, contributing to communities and embodying our core values.

Our purpose has always been to provide a welcoming place to enable our customers and partners around the world to connect. We will continue to pursue this mission.