The Clover® Brewing System

Only once in a while does a true innovation like this come along.

For decades, the technology of coffee brewing had been well established. But in 2007, a new technology made its debut that totally changed the game.

That development was the Clover® brewing system: an innovative design that lets you discover new layers and dimensions within a coffee’s familiar aroma, flavour, body and acidity. The result is a deeper experience – one that’s carefully prepared and made to order, one cup at a time. You can find a Clover® brewing machine in our high profile store on Vigo Street, London.

The Machine

The Clover® brewing system uses innovative Vacuum-Press™ technology to create your cup right in front of you. You watch as a stainless steel filter lowers into the brew chamber. Hot water is added at a precise temperature to brew your coffee for an ideal length of time.

The Clover® brewing system controls brew time and temperature digitally, as even small changes here can dramatically affect the outcome you taste in the cup. A thermal blanket surrounds the brew chamber to keep water within 1 degree Fahrenheit of the ideal temperature.

After the coffee brews, it is pulled through a 70-micron filter. The resulting grounds are pushed out of the top of the machine. The coffee itself flows into your cup – hot, aromatic and amazingly flavourful. We’re pretty sure it will be the best cup of coffee you’ve ever tasted.

The Beans

Of course, the machine is only half the story. The other half of a great cup of coffee from the Clover® brewing system is provided by the beans themselves.

All of our coffees are selected for their quality and carefully roasted to bring out their individual flavours. So you can be sure they really shine when brewed using the Clover® brewing system.

But as we travel the world, we discover some truly remarkable coffees – some available only in very limited quantities. When there’s not enough of them for all of our stores, we offer them exclusively through the Clover® brewing system. That way, we can share them with people who love exquisite coffee, in a way that brings out the best of what these beans have to offer.

Given the rarity of these coffees, they may come and go through our stores in a short time. Happily, there’s always a new discover waiting to be shared. So be sure to visit often to see what’s new on the menu.