Kenya Tana River

A remarkable crop yields a delightful summer treat

Named for the Tana River – Kenya’s longest at 440 miles – this exotic coffee is sourced primarily from nine Kikuyu cooperatives representing “smallholder” farmers in Central and Eastern Kenya.  Each farm averages a little over two acres of land, upon which stand perhaps 250 coffee trees. When prolonged rains deluged the farms last harvest, a much smaller crop resulted, and concerns ran high. However, the ultimate outcome was positive: the crop quality was extraordinary, with better bean size and luscious flavour characteristics.

The result is a very special coffee. Kenya Tana River offers bright characteristics that evoke summer. Its black tea acidity gives way to flavours of red currant and heirloom ground cherries, ultimately delivering a savoury sweetness.

Currently Available

  • Producer:  Network of smallholder farmers
  • Elevation: 1,400 – 2,000 meters
  • Coffee Variety: Typica
  • Processing Method:  Washed
  • Harvest dates:  October – December 2010
  • Tasting Notes: A coffee with a black tea like acidity showcasing red current and heirloom ground cherries that highlight a savoury sweetness 
  • Pairing Flavours: Enjoy this coffee with sweet citrus fruits, savoury herbs and rich spices.