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Every table has a story

Whoever you are, or want to be, it’s your Starbucks.

At Starbucks every table has a story. Some have many chapters, others are still just figuring out the prologue. Some make you feel inspired, others warm and fuzzy, some even bring a tear to your eye. Some began once upon a time and others are only starting now... But every story can inspire the next one.

Here are some of those stories.

Kates Story


Kate started coming to Starbucks regularly as therapy to help her social anxiety, but after a while her local store in Hexham became way more than that. Click the button to know more about her story. 

Kate's story
Ibbys Story


Starbucks barista by day, celebrities’ graphic designer by night. For Ibby, working at Starbucks helps him stay grounded and really connect with people. Click the button to learn more about Ibby’s double life. 

Ibby's story
Kays Story


Kay’s creative at heart, but it’s only last year that she took the leap to working full time with her art. Being an artist isn’t easy, but there’s no better way to find inspiration than by taking in the buzz of our stores. Click the button to know more about Kay and her art. 

Kay's story